Am I addicted to Marijuana?

One of the most popularly used illicit drugs today is Marijuana. Marijuana, also known as pot, ganja, or weed, is illegal at the federal level and is classified as a schedule 1 drug along with heroin and LSD.

Due to the increasing acceptance of the drug, many people are failing to realize the harm that it can do. Marijuana has a long list of side effects that most people are not aware of.

While the drug is being used as medicine for some, recreational users are still at a risk for detrimental side effects. The effects are much more present when the drug is used in excess and when it is used by people who’s minds have not finished developing.

The first side effect that can occur from Marijuana use is a decrease in interest in activities. Marijuana users may begin to stop caring about activities or topics that they usually enjoyed.

Another side effect that is often observed in Marijuana users is a decrease in short term memory. Marijuana affects the area in people’s brains that controls short term memory. THC, the active component in Marijuana makes it harder for users to remember events that recently occurred.

Another effect that may result in Marijuana use is sluggish behavior. A common myth about pot is that it makes users lazy. This is not entirely true.

It is important to understand why this may occur in some cases but not in others. There are two different breeds of Marijuana that are used for the euphoric effects.

They go by the name of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis Indica tends to cause users to become tired and relaxed whereas Cannabis Sativa creates an uplifting and energetic effect. In the legal industry, it is recommended to use the Indica strain at night and the Sativa strain during the day. Using the Indica strain during the daytime may cause users to become tired and therefore act in a lazy manner.

These are just a few effects that can result from pot use. But what are the reasons that people enjoy using the drug? Pot tends to affect everyone differently but most users will experience euphoria, reduced stress, altered perception of reality, and relaxing sensations. While the drug is not considered to be physically addictive, the effects can cause users to develop a mental addiction to the drug.

If you think that you or someone else may be addicted to Marijuana, look out for some of the following identifiers. The most common cause and signal for someone addicted to pot is excessive use.

If someone is using the drug multiple times a day then it is becoming a problem.

In this case, the drug will begin to take up lots of that persons time and consume their day. The good thing is that it is possible to stop. One will rarely experience physical withdrawal symptoms from pot. The hard part is getting over the mental desire. Luckily though, it can be done.

The important thing to know is that addiction can be a result of any drug use. While marijuana doesn’t have the same withdrawal process as heroin detox, for example, it can still be a destructive addiction.